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Our Story

Our family embarked on our Home Educating journey with our four daughters, with only the older two having gone through mainstream education. Before then I had been on an active search for alternatives as I knew the system was not working for my children, as it had not worked for me. 

I did not have a plan but I knew that the system was not right for my girls and had to get them out. They had experienced bullying, racism, and were seemingly thriving but unhappy. I found myself at an impasse and all I could think of doing was to protect them. 

I had read up on Home Education and it also did not seem to be a solution. (The general view was not appealing and I could not find people who looked like me who were doing it) 

We decided to let go and take a break. While on our break (Simply living out our lives) we stumbled upon an Unschooling group, and what we were calling Ancestral learning found a community. 

We lived in a small town and had found a home educating community. All was good but there were still no other people in all of the communities we met over the years who looked like us.  Then a few years ago we met for the first time another family who looked like us. (Otherness is real and one never see it unless you are living it). 

I have always wished for a diverse, child-led, freedom in learning space that included more than just my own kids and the pandemic offered the opportunity.  I then embarked on developing the idea of having Home Education Clusters that would ensure that learners continued to learn while exploring their potential in spaces they felt most comfortable at, their homes and communities. 

This idea would also provide learning experiences to learners who would otherwise be marginalized by socio-economic constraints from receiving a good and quality learning experience.  I also understand and value that learning happens at all times and that we all have something we can learn and share experiences in.  

A lot of indigenous knowledge is also available, mostly informally but that does not take away its importance and value, and home education opens up opportunities to pass on and acquire this knowledge.    

During our early days on our journey we visited with my mother in law and I had accompanied her to her brewing space (She makes Gavine a form of Mampoer). While there, I was mesmerized by how this academically uneducated (According to western standards and the schooling system) woman was mixing up ingredients like a scientist, using nothing but her hands and eyes to measure. I stood there in owe at the ingenious way that she tested for proofing, by the sound of her knuckles knocking on the drum. I could not have been prouder.  She was performing an exact science with nothing but her hands and ears.  Something that most spend years studying for and do utilizing advanced equipment which she did not have use for.  

That is the knowledge of which I speak of. That birthed Rooted Minds. 

our Goal

Every child deserves an opportunity to learn in an environment that best challenges who they are and how they learn. Because every child learns in their own way.

our team

Our dedicated team of administrators, facilitators and tutors await to be a part of your home educating journey.

Molebogeng Nomvete



Sadanathi Mntonintshi

Administrator and facilitator

Nondummiso Tshanbalala