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Education will never be the same again, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Home educating our children during the crisis is changing our approach to education. The innovations used during the outbreak will lead to lasting change, with technology playing a bigger role in education in the future. 

Home education is a natural extension (continuation) of parenting. If at all we learnt during Covid-19 it is how valuable self sufficiency is. It has been said that whoever has influence on the minds of the children controls the next generation. 

The future is in YOUR hands!

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Are you a learner that takes charge of their own learning process  by diagnosing your learning needs,  identifying your learning goals, selecting learning strategies, and evaluating learning your own performances and outcomes? 

Do you as a parent have the ability to formulate a plan and identify the tools, resources and strategies needed for your child's learning and controlling their learning process? 

Do you as a family want to decide what to learn, how to learn it, and how to decide if one has learned something well enough? 

Then come look at our available resources some free and some paid to help you along your journey. 

For families new to home education and looking for a self facilitated option for their learners this may an option to going at it alone.

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With this option the learners are encouraged to take control of their learning process. 

The facilitator's /tutor's role becomes that of a facilitator and organiser providing resources and support to the learner. 

Facilitators build on the knowledge base of the learner.

Facilitator directed learning creates individuals who are well able to discern between misinformation and facts. Lifelong learning is essential and facilitation is very learner-centered and is dedicated to learning instead of teaching. 

For families new to home education and looking for a supervised option for their learners this may be a guided option to their home education journey.

Our dedicated tutors (Some being qualified teachers) and facilitators (Subject experts/ seasoned Home Educators) are here ready to help you along your Home Educating journey.

ourvidual learning plans
cluster/community directed learning
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As Africans we have always understood the power of community. Our very being is community centered. The main idea behind cluster learning is that families can either rotate hosting to guide home education, or if they have the resources available, to pay collectively for a tutor/ facilitator to assist them. 

We help build meaningful learner clusters to inspire and encourage growth and learning, and allow connecting families in the home educating  community.

Because together we can achieve more, we leverage this to allow more families to be able to home educate when itmay not be possible to go at it alone. Because the African home is not limited by walls and community is our home learners learn from their comminity, with their community, their home.

  • building community

  • project based learning

  • interest based learning

  • sharing of resources

  • communal learning

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We are always on the lookout for new and interesting programs for our learners to explore their interests and learning. 



With our base language being English, we also offer South Sotho, North Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana. We will strive to offer more languages.

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From basic number recognition to arithmetic and statistic, we offer our learners a world of numbers.

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Because magic happens when children are free to explore their imaginations, we ignite their spirit of creativity and watch as they discover their inner magic.

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Freedom in learning opens up each learners potential. When learners are passionate about a subject, learning becomes a pleasure. 

attentive Facilitators

Our facilitators and tutors understand that the most important person in this journey is the learner. Supporting our learners is their primary purpose and priority.

self development

The journey to self discovery is a rewarding one. We encourage our learners to pursue this. When learner find their passion feeding it becomes second nature.

remote learning

Technology allows for learners to share in their learning experience with other learners, facilitators and tutors from anywhere in the world. Opening the window to the world.

Diverse Content

From mathematics, to robotics, astronomy and culinary arts, our learners have an opportunity to explore subject only limited by their imaginations.

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